With so much conflicting advice, and so many newly designed financial products and get-rich-quick schemes out there, it's no wonder people are confused and unable to maintain a strong course that helps lead them to financial security.  Many do not reach their full financial principles, get poor counsel, or purchase financial products that are inconsistent with their goals and objectives.

But the road to financial success may be easier than you might think if you approach the future on a long-term, methodical basis and avoid short-term decisions that lead you away from your goals.  For example, shortsighted reasoning leads many people to habitually but lottery tickets. They dream of a windfall with little thought about high risk of loss odds of winning.  Instead they believe "someone has to win" or "if at first you do not succeed, try, try again"  Having hope may be fun, but it isn't a realistic strategy for building wealth.  

Financial success is possible and can be better achieved by thinking defensively as well as offensively.  While it is important to shoot for your goals and develop wealth accumulation strategies, a wise person takes defensive preservation measure, too.